New Orleans – March 18, 2011 – French Quarter

After a 5 hour flight, via Houston, we arrived in New Orleans.  Louis Armstrong International Airport, naturally and aptly named.  After collecting our luggage, we grabbed a cab and headed for our B&B.  Garlands Guest House and Creole Cottages.  This was once a plantation and is a collection of cottages in a gated compound.  The decor is very nicely done and the location is just off Rampart St, beside Louis Armstrong Park on the edge of the French quarter.

We arrived, linked up with John and Cec and promptly went for a short walk into the heart of the French Quarter.  This area has a life of its own, vibrant and crazy.  As we were in fairly late, we did a quick tour and started to look for a place for supper.  We, fortunately, ran into an excellent spot within minutes.  We figured it was good based on the lineup out onto the street.  Checked it out and they figured 20 minutes, so we stayed.  Place is called, quite simply, “EAT”.  Sure enough we were seated within 15 minutes, great timing.  Sat down, ordered a drink and promptly learned something.  BYOB applies.  The server pointed us to a liquor store a block away, and off John and I went.  No corkage either.  Supper was very good, I would give it 4 of 5 stars.

Supper eaten, wine drank, conversation done, we headed back to the B&B for a well deserved rest after a long, long day.  Must rest up for the next evening – Rafael Saadiq, and a long day in the Quarter.

Bookers BBQ Grill & Crab Shack – Calgary

Lori and I went for dinner tonight at Bookers BBQ Grill & Crab Shack here in Calgary with some friends, Bill and Betts.  We had never eaten here before but had heard lots of good things, and Bill recommended as they had live music  on Friday and Saturdays.  On their website they were advertising duelling pianos, which is fun.

I had the catfish creole, very good. Food is a step up from pub fare, yet not quite fine dining.  Atmosphere is great as was the service.  We finished up and the band came on.  Imagine our surprise when it was not duelling pianos, but renowned blues artist Sonny Rhodes.  Even better, we are in the front row.  He was playing an unadvertised evening at Bookers.  Absolutely incredible, and unbelievable luck.


The Sonny Rhodes website is currently down, lots of links on the Wiki page though

Great Moments in Boston Bruins History – Part 1

To commemorate Boston’s glorious victory over the hated Habs, I will be presenting a series of great moments in the history of hockey’s greatest team.

Number 1, Bobby Orr’s famous goal to win the Cup over St Louis.

I Drove This Road – Turners Hill, UK

I drove this road multiple times when we visited our friends and family in the UK.  The first time, a little shaky, driving a seven passenger fan on the other side of the road, on the wrong side of the vehicle.  The best part was signalling, I continually turned on the windshield wiper.  That is the only thing different, all the pedals are the same as what we are used to.  Eventually got used to it, but never got used to Cec and Lori screaming in the back seat.

Listening to Eliza Doolittle

Driving to work one morning with CBC Radio 2 on and suddenly this song hits.  I am wondering what the hell is this, not to mention who the hell is this.  Pulled out my phone, clicked into Shazam to find out and tag it, almost hitting 2 buses, 3 old ladies and a motorcycle (it was January so what a bike was doing on Glenmore, i have no idea).  Long story short, it was Eliza Doolittle.  Very catchy and different.  Downloaded the whole album and have not regretted it at all.  She adds a different vibe to my Iphone.

Take a Listen (video will open in youtube)

Jasper, Alberta – The End of the Ski World

If there is a place in Alberta that I would go back to time after time after time, it would be Jasper.  Jasper is a special place.  Every bit as beautiful as Banff, without the commercialization.  It is 4 hours west of Edmonton on the Yellowhead Highway.

Check out this view from the top of the Tramway.

Beautiful.  There is nothing like standing on top of a mountain.

Then there is the skiing.  Marmot is a good hill and I think it is the farthest north hill in Canada.  I do know that the spring skiing is excellent, and goes late into April.

And lots of other attractions, including the power of Moligne Canyon.  This canyon winds it way through the face of a mountain and is latticed with walkways that bring you into the heart of the canyon.  I loved this walk and look forward to doing it again at some point.


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